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Personal Trainer


Hi, I’m Kelsey!

Here are some benefits of working with me during your pregnancy and post-partum journey:

Accountability: Having a constant support and encouragement system is a must to achieve your goals

Increase communication: Easily communicate through email with questions or concerns after your training session.

Motivator: A consistent support system who you can rely on to motivate and encourage you through the ups and downs of your journey.

Childcare: You won’t need to pay for childcare at the gym or find a babysitter while you are away.

Just show up: You can show up just as you are not worrying about your hair, mismatched outfit or baby food on your clothes 😉

Time management: You will be saving yourself extra time from eliminating your commute to and from the gym. This way you can tackle more off that to do list!

Setting an example: As your baby grows or if you have older children you will be setting a great example by being active at home

Comfort of your own home: You won’t have to fight the crowds or feel timid going up to a machine you aren’t sure about. No extra germs coming into the house either as an added bonus!

Affordable: The price is right and you are not paying for an extra gym membership.

Convenient: We will work around your busy schedule!

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